Air Containment Solutions - Data Centres

Air Containment Solutions - Data Centres

As part of an integrated airflow management strategy, we can design and install an air containment solution aimed at delivering further improvements to the cooling capabilities of the Data Centre - whilst also delivering additional and substantial energy saving benefits.

Depending on the particular data centre’s configuration and whether it’s a new or retrofit application, either a Cold Aisle Containment solution (CAC) or Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) solution would be recommended.

Weatherite’s air containment solutions incorporate the latest in design techniques and includes self-closing single or double doors, lightweight roof panels, with automatic drop down capabilities, blanking and cover plates and all round air seal- to maintain optimum air containment.

All our air containment systems are designed, built and installed to suit each individual Data Centre to ensure maximum benefits are achieved from day one.

Benefits at a glance:-

  • Maximises cooling capabilities
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Delivers a customised, fully scalable solution.
  • Generally quick and easy to install
  • Improved control of room temperatures, humidity and airflow
  • Is totally integrated with cabinet configuration

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